Harvey Specter, Senior Partner

Jul 3

Little quiet around here, isn’t it?

Jun 29

Anonymous said: Where have you been Harvey?

Oh, you know, fighting crime, putting away bad guys. The family business.

Anonymous said: What type of watches do you wear?

What types of watches do I wear? One that matches, obviously. Everyone knows the metal on your watch has to match the metal of your belt buckle.

Jan 11

It’s quiet.


I thought you loved having my input.

Do I really, though? Or am I just making you think I like it?

Jan 8

It’s quiet.



Too quiet.

Don’t get all John Wayne on us, Harvey.

If I wanted your opinion, kiddo, I would have asked.

Dec 6

It’s quiet.

Too quiet.

Oct 10

Every day I think people can’t become any more stupid.

Every day I’m proven horribly wrong.

Oct 7

lolcaroline said: Your voice is awesome. Seriously I love it.

Never heard that one before. Thank you, I suppose.

Anonymous said: Other-Anon is scaring me...I'm watching GA as well. I think they may be hiding in the bushes outside my house.

Sometimes, I think you may be hiding in the bushes outside my house, so I guess that makes you and Ghost Adventures even.

Anonymous said: You are so full of swag.

Thanks. I don’t even have to try.

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